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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saying you don't want somebody elected is a political statement

In a grand display proving that racism is still alive and well, at least in some parts of the US, ABC news reports that a man has hung an effigy of Barack Obama in his lawn from a noose, in the shape of a ghost. Paraphrasing the report, "In an off-camera interview, he said that he do it for political purposes, but because he doesn't want an African American to become president".

I don't want charity, but please give me a hundred thousand dollars. I'm not sexist, but women are inferior to men. I don't want to say anything controversial, so I'm going to preface a political statement by saying that it's not political.

Honestly, what exactly does constitute a "political purpose"? I'm not going to give a precise definition, but I would say any public comment about a candidate for president is political. I'm not saying that's such a bad thing, there's nothing wrong with criticizing a candidates policies, experience (or lack thereof), or statements. But the statement he was making (assuming you believe the ABC news report) was that black people shouldn't be able to be president. How much more political can you get?

Error rating: 10. "I'm not trying to make a statement, but here's my statement." Honestly. This is of course predicated on accurate reporting by ABC news.


PS They didn't mention the fact that the effigy had a star of david on the top of its head.

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